BAMF Interview: Of Mice & Men

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Logan from BAMF Media sits down with Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men at  Warped Tour 2011!

Sitting backstage at Warped Tour 2011, Picture the tattooed, 6 foot tall singer, Austin Carlile entering the room! His presence is well aware. His band Of Mice & Men could easily be called the kings of hardcore. Valentino, Alan, Shayley, Phil, & Austin have just released their sophomore album The Flood. The album has debuted as Rise Record’s biggest release to date. Plus you can’t forget the whole summer on Warped Tour, Multiple Other Tours, & Austin leaving that last year due to a heart disease called “Marfan Syndrome”. Now Carlile, and Of Mice & Men are tearing it up all over the United States // Europe, leaving their mark on today’s music scene.

BAMF: Of Mice & Men’s sophomore record The Flood on Rise Records?

Austin: Yeah, biggest release we have ever done! It was sick.

BAMF: What’s been your craziest Warped Tour moment?

Austin: We had a huge circle pit, of 600 kids around the sound booth. It was such a surreal moment!

BAMF: That’s awesome! So have you began to write for the next album?

Austin: We actually have a studio in the back of our bus called “Stoned Studios”, and you can guess what that means! [Laughs] And when we write back there, it usually turns into a Hip-Hip song, So we are trying to focus!

BAMF: Are you still doing your solo music?

Austin: Not right now, cause of the band! And when I do get home, I just wanna sleep for 4 days straight! 

BAMF: Any message to the fans?

Austin: Thank you to everyone who supports us, and who bought the album, & Thank you for the interview, man!

BAMF: Thank you so much, Austin!

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Of Mice & Men


Vocals: Austin Carlile

Drums: Valentino Arteaga

Bass/Vocals: Shayley Bourget

Guitar: Phil Manansala

Guitar: Alan Ashby


Interview By: Logan Cunningham