Photos of the sold-out Circa Survive show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA.

The floor at Club Nokia was literally shaking seconds after as Philadelphia-based rock band Circa Survive stepped on stage. The crowd was in a continuous chanting of the band’s name “CIRCA! CIRCA!”, in which front-man Anthony Green took to heart as he said he appreciates and commend the crowd for doing so. Highlights of the night are when the puppies from the video “Suitcase” came out to stage and started dancing with Green and the occasional confetti that would drench the whole venue and crowd.


  • Sharp Practice
  • Morning
  • Imaginary
  • Desert
  • Hit man
  • I Felt Free
  • We’re All Thieves
  • Stop The Car
  • Suitcase
  • Frozen Creek
  • Lottery
  • Glass Arrows
  • Baby
  • Fear
  • Medicine


  • Act Appalled
  • Get Out