Two nights ago, the atmosphere at the Metro in Chicago was filled with excitement and anticipation as fans eagerly waited for The Maine and Mayday Parade to take the stage for their co-headlining stage.   When The Maine came out, the sold out crowd (the only sold out show of the tour so far) went crazy!  They went straight into their set starting with the song “Like We Did”, off their newest album Pioneer.  The set list was a good mix of tunes mostly off of Pioneer (“Misery”, ”Some Days”, ”Jenny”) and Black & White (“Don’t Stop Now”, ”Growing Up”, ”Inside of You”).  And they threw in one song for good measure from their first album Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” (“I Must Be Dreaming”).  The crowds energy was high the whole night, and the dancing never stopped.  Lead singer John O’ Callaghan took breaks in between songs to tell stories about visiting Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs), to telling a guy in the crowd that he was jealous because he was “swimming in a sea of women, and he wishes that he was him right now.”  All the girls in the crowd were sure hoping that he would come down and they would get the chance to be up close to him!  O’ Callaghan also got the fans going when he announced that The Maine would be in the studio in January to record a new album, and then visiting Chicago soon after that.  They closed with “My Heroine” which had all the girls, myself included, swooning.  All in all, The Maine put on an amazing, entertaining show as usual.  If you have never gotten a chance to see them perform live, I highly suggest you go out right now and make that happen! You can see a list of all of their upcoming tour dates with Mayday Parade here!

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