The Dangerous Summer at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.

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The Dangerous Summer’s Golden Record release tour just kicked off Tuesday in Phoenix. On the road with them is Santa Barbara band Tommy & The High Pilots, a band comprised of two brothers and two longtime friends who released their album Only Human earlier this year. The tour hit California Wednesday, playing the cozy 240-capacity Chain Reaction in Anaheim. There were clearly man fans young and old in attendance, proudly sporting their Tommy & The High Pilots t-shirts. 

Tommy and the High Pilots were the fourth band to go on, and played an 8-song set. They were by far the most energetic band of the night. They clearly captured the attention of the audience, and soon had everyone off their feet. The end of their set peaked in energy and excitement. Charismatic frontman Tommy Cantillon introduced the infectious “Somebody Make a Move” as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Anyone do cardio” he said, “You get sweat in your eyes, it stings. I wanna look at you guys!” He said of the song title, “It’s not even subliminal – it’s literal! Just shake it” and continued on with his catchy dance moves. 

After making his way around the stage, Tommy grabbed the hand of a young girl in the audience and gave her a twirl before jumping into the crowd and dancing to the back of the venue and back up to the stage, encouraging the crowd to dance along with him. They closed their set with the single “Outta My Head,” which was clearly a fan favorite.

The Golden Record release tour has just begun, check here for tour dates to be sure to catch Tommy & The High Pilots with The Dangerous Summer when they hit your city!

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